[ ♡ ] Mini Mall Trip Haul – 12/11/11 Sephora & F21

I must seem like I’m hauling like crazy but I’m really not, it’s just the season is presenting me with all these sales and coupons! So I got this free $20 gift certificate from Sephora so I went to the mall to redeem it because it was going to expire soon. I also picked up a few Christmas gifts as well but won’t be showing those just in case. But first I went to F21 and picked up a few things:

All cosmetics and jewelry were 30% off so I got this little pouch. Turns out this was part of the sale too so that was a good deal. And I also bought a little nail set because I needed the tiny scissors in there to trim the hair around my dog’s eyes so she can see and I didn’t want to use big scissors because I didn’t want to accidentally poke her.

Some leopard print mary janes on sale:

A little yellow tag scarf that just reminded me so much of Christmas:

A bracelet for New years:

And then some random cheapy scrubbing tool and a shower cap:

Now onto Sephora. I used my little coupon and also returned my Laura Mercier Face Polish for this new Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliator.

So far it’s ok. I’ve used it twice now and I plan to use it Sundays and Wednesdays in place of my cleanser. It’s sort a gelly consistency and it’s got tiny beads in it that you can’t see when you push the product out. It exfoliates well and I like the way it’s working so far but the only thing I don’t like is the smell. It’s got a sort of weird manufactured smell to it and that’s just so odd because philosophy is famous for their yummy smelling body washes. I guess it’s good because you’re not supposed to put fragrances on your face and I can stand it well enough for now so it’s not a huge deal. I’ll continue using it. I do like it more than the Laura Mercier one though.

I also got a mini straightening iron in hot pink.

I have this forehead sweating issue (I know gross.) When it gets hot, my forehead sweats like everyone else but the problem is in how my hair responds. If I have hair on my forehead which I almost always do, once it touches sweat or moisture it goes crazy and decides to frizz up and wave and do all sorts of crazy things so I’m planning to carry this baby with me in the summer to do touch ups.

I also got three more things, one for my birthday and two using my gift certificate:

I got a little bottle of philosophy’s birthday cake body wash which I love! It smells like you’re rubbing vanilla cake all over you and vanilla cake is my favorite!

Then I got a Fresh Sugar Lip treatment balm:

It’s the brown packaging but it’s just the clear one because I plan on using this as a balm under my lipsticks and glosses. I think I’ve talked about this before about how I get allergic reactions to lip products from certain brands like Maybellene and Covergirl so I’m always iffy about trying new lip products. I also have super dry lips that always crack, especially under lipstick so I’ve tried tons of balms and moisturizers. I usually use a tube of vasaline cherry which works well to quickly moisturize but it doesn’t last long so I’ve decided to try more expensive treatments to see if they’ll work. This Fresh Sugar one is the first one I’ve tried that’s over $7 and so far I’m loving it. It really keeps my lips moisturized and it smells so good, like lemons! Problem is I don’t know how well it’s penetrating my lips because I feel like its forming a thin layer of film over lips as it protects rather than going into my lips to protect. Again, I have to test it out a little longer to see how I’ll feel about it. If I do like it I’ll probably go out and get the mini set of 3 so I can throw them in my purse and office.

Lastly, I got something I’m super excited about!

I’ve been in search of a new cream based concealer for general spot concealing but I haven’t found a color to match my skintone perfectly and I think I’ve found a close one with this Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. I got it in Natural Tan and it blends in perfectly with my skin if I’m not wearing foundation. The problem is if I wear foundation, you can see it’s a little bit tanner than my color. But blended out it looks fine so I’m glad I got this. I’m still searching for a heavier coverage concealer in my skin tone because on my cheek I’ve got this tiny blue vein that you can kind of see and I want to find something to cover it.

Ok so that’s it for my hauling over the weekend!

♡ PaNhia

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