[ ♡ ] Stila Warehous Sale Haul 2011

I don’t know what’s wrong with me because I’ve been good and mostly uninterested all year but when it comes down to the end of the year I go makeup crazy and buy buy buy! I think it has to do with the holiday sets and holiday sales during this time of year. Keep in mind I do save for these situations though because they are the same every year and I know I will want to buy so this isn’t like I dropped tons of money at once, it’s more like I held myself back all year to prepare for this moment 🙂

So during the Stila Warehouse sale which was cyber Monday week I did two orders. Everything was 80% off so really affordable and a good time to stock up.

Here are my two boxes together:

It took a while for them to process and ship out but once it did it literately took two days to get here.

Once came with tons of paper just keeping the products in place and then one came with the paper wrapping the products up like this:

I got 10 eyeshadow pans and a 8 pan palette.

Last year during the sale I bought a 6 pan palette which I filled with a smokey eye quad that I depoted plus two shadows that I bought extra but I made a deal with my little sister this year to trade my 6 pan palette for a new 8 pan one she ordered because she didn’t need an 8 pan. So because I only had 6 pans for my new 8 pan palette I had to order 2 more additional shadows to fill it. And then I decided to buy and fill a second 8 pan palette as well so in total I bought 10 shadows plus one 8 pan palette to end up with two 8 pan palettes and 16 shadows total.

So here are the shadows I bought.

Here I have poise and go lightly.

Poise is sort of a dark plum/eggplant color. Go lightly is a shimmery sort medium cool brown color. For some reason Go Lightly didn’t come with a paper case, just that little plastic that you see in the picture.

Next I got a matte soft warm brown called puppy.

It reminds me of the matte brown color I use for the crease in the Urban Decay Naked palette.

Then I got this matte color in Chinois for highlighting.

This is probably my favorite color of the bunch because it’s a matte and its not a white highlighting shade. Its very similar to my lid color.

Next is a shimmery pink color called Shell.

I was disappointed in a lot of these colors because I thought I was picking matte colors when instead most of them turned out to be shimmery. This color would be a lot prettier as a matte color.

Next is a more coppery pink called Jezebel.

Then a red tone purple shimmer in Pigalle. This one is really pretty.

Then I got a matte dark brown for crease work in Java.

Then I got this light shimmery taupey pink color in Grace.

And finally a matte orange in Mimosa.

I haven’t used it yet but I already know I’m going to love it even though I’m a neutrals girl.

So Here’s what the palettes look like with everything in.

As you can see my left palette is browns on top and purples on bottom and then the right palette is a mix of the neutrals plus a black for smokey eye.

I also got this little set of four things for $15.

It comes with a convertible check color in rose which in the pan doesn’t look super wearable but on the face it looks really good like a burnt rose bronzer.

It also comes with an illuminating moisturizer but I do not like it at all. It makes me look so shiny and oily but it does feel nice on the skin.

Then it comes with a smudge proof liner in silver dollar which I already have and a convertible eye liner that’s a dark blue shade.

I will probably give the moisturizer and both eye pencils away since I don’t see myself using them.

Then I got two prime color tubes in Kitten and posie.

These are really nice and I do like them so far. The kitten one doesn’t come out as bright as I’d like but it’s usable.

And lastly I got three waterproof eyeliners that I’ve been eyeing.

I got one brown one which I don’t remember the name of and two black ones called stingray. I’ve been testing these babies out at sephora for a year now and they do not budge on the hand once it sets in but I didn’t want to shell out $20 for each so I was super excited when they put it on sale for $6 a piece! Now I do still like it but it doesn’t sit on the waterline as well as it does on my hand. We’ll see, I’ll have to keep using them to see how I feel about them.

That’s all I got from the sale but I do have a few bonus things to share. Urban decay has some stuff on sale too for really cheap but I didn’t order anything because look what I found:

Three eyeshadows I ordered last year that I have barely touched. I learned my lesson.

And I also got a new concealer from maybellene to try.

I have mixed feelings about this so far. Its like a cross between creamy and liquidy but I don’t like the sponge because I still have to use a brush to blend out after. I have to give it more time to see how I feel and then I’ll report back.

That’s all for my Stila Hauls!

♡ PaNhia


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