[ ♡ ] Rediscovery – Korean samples plus extras

I’ve been cleaning out my vanity lately because I keep buying new things so I have to find place for them and I’ve rediscovered a few things I forgot about for a while, mostly samples.

Whenever you buy cosmetics from Korean stores/places you usually get tons of little samples and I’ve just been collecting them and finally I pulled these out and decided to test them out. I now have a little spot on my vanity where I keep samples that I need to test out. So here are the first set that’s on my vanity.

From Etude I found a few things:

This is an spf sunscreen. Haven’t used it yet but I will soon.

These are etude as well. The circle packet is a bb cream and the two on the right are lip and face tints.

I used these already.

Next I tried this apple body wash from Etude:

I like this little package but I don’t like the smell of this product. Instead of a country apple type smell, you get a sour apple smell. I just don’t like it and will probably not use it again.

Then I have this caudelie sample I still haven’t used.

Then I found my elf shimmery whip. This was in my first ever elf order years ago and I don’t even know if its still good but I’ll still give it a go. I’ve recently discovered a new love for cream/gel highlighters so I’m excited to put this to the test.

And then I found this little coastal scents eye pigment sample and tried it out as well.

It’s a pinky shade and I don’t love it but mostly because I just don’t like dealing with loose powders in general.

Ok so here is the look I did using the bb cream, tints and eye pigment:

The bbcream is too light for my skin as all bbcreams are so I probably will not use that again. It also is a sheer cover which I don’t like but it does give you a dewy glow without looking oily. The tint is ok, sort of sheer but the color is nice. Again, pigments look good but are too messy for me to deal with so I probably will not use the pigment again.

I’ll let you know how I feel about the other samples that I didn’t use yet when I do use them so stay tuned!

♡ PaNhia


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