[ ♡ ] Thanksgiving recap – 11/30/11

I’m going to be blogging a little out of order because I have pictures on separate memory cards so bear with me. I was going to do my Sephora F&F & VIB haul first but I can’t find those pictures right now so I’m going to do Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday first.

I think I’ve confirmed this year that Thanksgiving is definitely my 2nd favorite Holiday, following Christmas which is going to always be tough to beat but number 2 is a high spot too since I have a special fondness for all holidays! I just love getting together, cooking huge meals and eating all weekend long!

We usually do two thanksgivings, one for my friends and I and then one for the family. This year we havd our Friend’s dinner at Choua’s house where we started pretty late so we spent a lot of time playing games while we waited for the turkey. We played Cranium a few times and it was hilariously fun!

Here’s a shot of us cooking and the turkey:

The following day we did Thanksgiving at my house. My sister was the Thanksgiving Nazi and directed us all around the kitchen all day long until the meal was perfect. We had so much food. She kept worrying about not having enough food for the whole family and I kept telling her that we had too much. We had a huge turkey, a huge pot roast with three giant chucks, salad, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted veggies, rice, pumpkin rolls, biscuits, fried green beans and two pies! Unfortunately we were too busy cooking to take pictures so I have no pictures of our food.

We cooked from 8am – 6pm, at ate 6, cleaned until 8 and then prepared to get ready for black Friday. I slept for about 1.5 hours before waking up at 12 to go shopping! We shopped for 12 hours straight. I was so tired half way through that I couldn’t drive anymore and my sister had to take over for the 2nd half of shopping.

First we went to Target then One mall and then we drove to another mall, then to an Ulta across the street and then we drove to walmart and then finally finished at KMART. I usually just do two malls and Target so we did extra shopping this year. We didn’t get home until 12 noon on Friday and immediately we organized our stuff and knocked out.

Before we slept my boyfriend came over so I could give him two of his crhistmas gifts early because I figured he would like it a lot sooner than having to wait. He’s been asking for Modern Warefare 3 and FIFA 12 for a while and I found both games, one on sale! I decided I should just give it to him right away so he can play and catch up with his buddies lol. Of course now all he does is play those games.

I hauled so much on this trip, pictures coming in the next post!

♡ PaNhia


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