[ ♡ ] Black Friday Haul – Part 2

Ok onward! I dropped by Forever21 and picked up a few things. I did not want to try on clothes because again, no spectacular deals. I got a silver necklace for my traditional outfit for our new year. And then I just got to envelope clutches in brown and red. These I’ve been searching for because they are a good deal, they’re only $10 each!

Then we drove across the street to Ulta where again, they had some good beauty deals.
First I picked up a deslick from Urban decay to try it out.

So far I’m not loving it. I don’t feel like it does anything to hold the oil at bay.

Next I got this benefit blush duo in Throb and Georgia.

They’re full sized, discontinued and really good deal! Each blush on its own is almost $30 so two for $20 is a good enough deal for me. I actually want shades like this. I don’t really want the popular benefit shades like bella bamba and coralista because I have so much pink and coral but I do want odd shades like dandelion and these two. Throb is a purply mauve and Georgia is a light peach which is so pretty!

Then I got this Stila waterproof liner set for $10.

Its in koi and silver dollar and they’re really nice. The gold one has extreme staying power!

And then they had the Smashbox mini primer on sale for $9 so I picked one up.

They’re usually $16 for the small bottle. Here I have it pictured next to my big 1 oz one so you can see the difference in size. I bought this because mine is almost out and I started using MUFE’s HD primer but I’m not loving it so I decided to get this one just in case I end up really hating the MUFE one and have no more primer.

And that’s it for my makeup haul! Here’s a shot of everything!

I did get some Christmas things from Walmart for wrapping and some other little stuff like gifts but that’s most of my Black Friday Haul. I’m reconsidering how early I go next year because I was disappointed with the sales this year.

Bonus: I picked up 10 elf brushes from the new year over the weekend. I just figured, I need them and there’s no shipping cost so why not?

♡ PaNhia

4 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Black Friday Haul – Part 2”

  1. Sarah Abdelhalim says:

    I love metallic eyeliners. The stila ones look great. I’ll try them out. And how’s the smashbox primer? do you recommend it? I’ve been on the look-out for a good primer for a while.

    • Nhiapa says:

      I don’t know if you can get the Stila liners at Ulta anymore but they’re online for the same price at stilacosmetics.com right now for the warehouse sale. I do the smashbox primer, I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I tried other primers. I feel like it holds my makeup in place and helps control oil. It feels a little oily when you put it on though but more silicone, less grease.

  2. I had no idea how key using a primer was until recently! Makes a huge difference. Love your blog doll

  3. xti says:

    you did buy a lot of make-up! omg! good deals!

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