[ ♡ ] Wishing Wishlist 2011

Hi All! I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m finding it hard to find time to blog these days especially with the holidays coming up but I’m trying my best to organize my time and thoughts. Anyways, Here is my wishlist for Christmas this year up on my facebook. I usually do it in note format but this year I’ve decided to just put it in a photo album. It’s also perfect because my birthday is only two weeks before Christmas so I’ll be happy double time in the next few weeks!

I have everything from cosmetics to room décor to clothing. I have a lot of cosmetics and beauty products on my list because I’ve been really good all year and haven’t devoted too much time and money to makeup. The last time I went cosmetics crazy was November-December of last year. This year of course I took advantage of all the deals and am still planning to do more beauty shopping with the sales in the next few days. I’ll be posting up my sehora F&F and VIB sale haul in the next few hours or days and a list of what I still want as well. Hopefully I can keep myself in check but considering I’ve been good with beauty purchase this year I might indulge a bit!

♡ PaNhia

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