[ ♡ ] Green on My Mind

I don’t know if it’s the upcoming holidays or what but lately I’ve been coveting everything green. I’ve actually been wanting a green envelope clutch for a year or so now but still haven’t found one that isn’t too slathered with crocodile or one that is the right color. I really want just a nice normal green, nothing neon, nothing dark, nothing emerald or teal, nothing yellowy, just green. I’m still on the hunt but as you can see two posts below I did find one from yesstyle that I like on my wishlist.

I just think green adds the perfect punch of color, especially to this season and to my wardrobe. I’m not color or pattern crazy so my little wardrobe spruces usually come from one little insertion of color. I don’t mind a random red or orange top here/accessory here and there but my wardrobe mostly consists of neutrals. I guess I do like color but just not together. Like I’d prefer neutrals with a pop of color rather than pairing two colors together. I like that its more understated and it just matches my style better.

♡ PaNhia


2 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Green on My Mind”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Green is definitely having a moment and I love it, especially the clutch! Jen xoxo http://mystylisticlife.wordpress.com

  2. Dominique says:

    I am totlally a green freak! I LOVE it and I would love to have any one of those pieces above!:)

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