[ ♡ ] LA Trip (2) 2011

Sorry for the long absence (again lol) but I’ve been away on vacation again. I actually took a second trip to LA, this time with my cousins. My aunt and my uncle invited us to visit so we decided to do a girls trip. I’m glad I went again because we did a bunch of new and different things this time. Here are some highlights!

On our first day we did our nails and ate some yummy sushi at a place called Cho Cho Sans! We were seated in this cute little sunroom. Here I am before heading out:

Here I am at the salon with my chosen toe nail polish

For my nails I decided to do gel nails.

Here are some shots of lunch at Cho Cho Sans.

The following day we did a bunch of things. First we went to the getty museum to explore the gardens and galleries.

Then we had lunch at Urth café. Here’s a shot of my cousin’s drink:

We also went to the pier, here’s a cute shot from behind:

After the pier we went to an old timey movie theater and watched “Moon over Miami.”

The following day we went to Santee Alley in the morning then we went to Grifith park and caught a theater in the park performance.

After that we had a late night dinner at Oinkster:

The next day we spent boogie boarding at a hidden beach north of Malibu. It was the hardest climb down and up the clif.

After that day we did all sorts of stuff. We went horseback riding around the Hollywood hills.

We had yummy yogurt and cupcakes:

We went the Hollywood blvd:

And we hiked around some nice botanical gardens:

It was sad leaving but I was ready to come home and clean up my room and organize my stuff! I’m definitely looking forward to going back to LA again!

♡ PaNhia


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