[ ♡ ] La (2) Haul – Fashion & accesories

Here is the fashion part of the haul. I didn’t buy a lot of clothes like last time because a lot of stuff they had were still summery and it’s august so I’m already planning for fall so I didn’t buy too much.

First, I got this super cute pink purse from santee alley for $25.

From Love Culture, I got three items. First, a grey textured jacket:

Then a crème colored sleeveless blouse.

A pair of nice jeans

And then I went to a store that doesn’t exist here called Ross which I understand is a tier cheaper than marshalls? Anyways I got two pairs of shoes. First a black pair from bcbg generation for going out:

Second, a steve madden pair of booties that I got purely for comfort purposes!

Speaking of shoes, I also got this pair of flats from cotton on, another store we don’t have.

I also stopped by a coach outlet and picked up a wristlet but I’m rethinking my love for it so I might return it to an outlet here.

Next I’ll do some jewelry. I got 5 + pairs from forever 21. First, a pair of sort of dangly spike type ones:

Some little gold hearts:

Two spikey stud sets:

And then a set of silver pearls.

I also got this little necklace from f21, it’s a long plain one with a little heart at the end.

Then I got some jewelry from santee alley. I got another set of while pearls which I didn’t realize are actually three sets of the same three sizes.

I also got this little silver dangly one even though I don’t wear dangly earrings.

Then I went ring crazy and bought a bunch. I got this huge bow one right before leaving. I love the rusted gold color.

I also got this flower cluster one that I really like:

Then I got these two cool ones with colored stones in the middle:

I also got this black curled one that looks really cool:

I also got this yellow one that looks alive!

A winged one:

And finally one that says love:

And that is it for fashion and accessories. It seems like a lot but really, I held back.

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] La (2) Haul – Fashion & accesories”

  1. xti says:

    i really like the pink purse, blue and yellow rings! cute!

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