[ ♡ ] LA (2) Haul – Beauty

I told myself I’d go for new experiences this time and not for shopping and I thought I was sticking to my resolution pretty well and then I got home and realized I still bought a lot of things. So again, I have to split my LA haul into parts. The first part is beauty. I didn’t go NYX crazy this time, in fact, I didn’t buy a single NYX.

First, I got a tweezer from F21. I just bought this one because I like the wide part at the bottom for picking up and putting on lashes and I only have one other wide tweezer so I thought I’d buy one to keep in my makeup bag for on the road lash applications. Not the most flattering design but it was either this or polka dots (which I hate) or rhinestones (which I can tolerate but still don’t like much.)

Then I got this little foundation mixing dish from little tokyo to mix my two colorstay shades:

I also got some hair stuff from F21. First, a comb set and I just got it because I couldn’t resist the color! Its just such a cute shade of pinky purple!

I also got this Betsey Johnsonesque brush that I again, could not resist. I don’t even brush my hair much but it was such a cute pink!

I also got some nail covers from faceshop to keep things from touching your nail and protect your nails while drying.

And then I went to santee alley and did some damage. I got a set of nail dotting tools:

Some nail stickers

And 12 klean color polishes. I was iffy last time about buying santee alley polishes but then the salon we went to had this brand and my cousins actually chose this brand for their nails and it turned out really nice so I thought I’d try some. They were 12 for $8. What a deal! When I get a chance I’ll put them all on a wheel so you can see their quality.

I chose this silvery black because I only have a black and no variations.

Next is a sort of shimmery dark green. I was thinking ahead to st. pattys 2012 lol.

Then I chose this salmon colored called sheer peach.

I also got an ivory champagne type of color in sandstone.

Then this next color I got because it was the exact color my cousin chose for her salon manicure and it looks so awesome and metallic on her nails that I had to get it! Two coats made her nails look like gel nails.

Then I got this sheer pink, I don’t know why. Lighting in my room is definitely not the same as in the store lol.

I also chose this next color because its awesome! It’s another black but with gold infused glitters! I saw this as a new years nail once and never forgot it.

Then I got another pinky shade.

I got this really pretty dark tone red /plum color that I’d actually really like for a cardigan lol.

Another more plain wine tone color.

I got a neutral orange tone one.

Lastly, I got this redish orange tone one.

And of course I stocked up on lashes. I bought maybe 40 pairs 🙂 I’ll post those up in a separate post but here is a shot of my newly organized lash drawer.

Whew! That was a lot. Next post featuring fashion & accessories.

♡ PaNhia

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