[ ♡ ]Daily Outing – 7/30/11 Rain storms & birthday cakes

This past weekend I had sort a girls weekend. A friend made hot pot for us in the afternoon and then we went out with the girls to a few birthday parties. Here’s a shot of our hotpot table!

And here’s my princess puff sleeping on a pillow:

That night we went to Lydia’s birthday party at her house and spent most of the time hiding under the tent they put up because there was crazy wind and rain but it was too hot to stay inside.

We braved the rain and ran to our cars and headed out to hang out with chong for her birthday. We also went to cubs to get her a cake but since it was so late there were no bakers there so someone let us write out a message ourselves. It was hard though! It took both me and choua to squeeze the icing out of the tube.

And here’s birthday girl with the cake!

We got home before my parents so overall it was a good night!

♡ PaNhia


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