[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 07/17/11 I do really try not to

I did some minor shopping over the weekend even though I keep telling myself to save for vacation. Here’s a snapshot of my buys.

First, I got a few things from F21. I got a magenta floral skort.

Some undies, 4 for $9.50

A basic black tank:

And a double ring with a rusty gold rose setting on top.

Then I got some accessories from CR. First, a super cute earphone set that is anchored by this little Japanese bear character!

Then I got another headphone set that I couldn’t resist. I really liked it because of the pink cord.

I also recently bought this red skullcandy one from Target for the gym.

All three headphones together. I realized I didn’t need this many so I gave the red to my sister and the bear one to my little sister and I kept the pink bow one.

I also bought a clustered pair of earrings:

And finally, a cute bird ring. I like rings that jut out and that are not just flat on your finger. I also really like that this ring shines with shades of pink and champagne not just white or gold.

I went to Aerie and got a tank top:

And finally I got some lashes and a polish from uptown.

That’s it for purchases this weekend!

♡ PaNhia


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