[ ♡ ] MidSummer Tea Party – Choua’s 24th!

This past weekend was my friend Choua’s birthday party and she decided to do a pink and green tea party! It was such a cute idea and the decorations and everything turned out great!

It was dresses and hat required. We went dress shopping but I didn’t find anything I liked. So I decided I’d pull out the old sewing machine and make a dress. I knew I wanted a green floral dress so I went to the fabric store in search of it and found a beautiful green and blue floral piece for $4 a yard. I originally wanted to do green and yellow but I walked by the tulles and found this beautiful blue that matched the blue in my dress perfectly and so I changed my color scheme. The floral was also too sheer so I ended up having the buy a light yellow fabric to line it. I also got some crème felt and gold accent pieces for the hat piece. Here is how the dress turned out:

The dress itself took about 1 hour to make but adding all the tulle and making the hat added another 2-3 hours to the process. It’s a one shoulder with sweetheart tulle neckline, 50s style dress. My hat was really more of a facenet. I just folded the felt to look more like a almond shape and added tulle and feathers to the back. The outfit cost me a little under $50 to make. I’ll do a post dedicated to it soon!

Now onto the actual party. We rented out an apartment complex party room in my aunt’s building but they were out of town that day and forgot to leave us the sensor key so we ended up having to wake up some of their neighbors to do it for us. Luckily they did, otherwise the party would not have happened.

The room was really big and nice. There were two sitting areas, a private dining room, a full kitchen, a long veranda patio and 6 large dining tables complete with chairs. The others concentrated on the cooking and food prepping while I started setting up decorations and the tables. We had balloons, a cake area, and we arranged the tables into a U shape so that everyone can sort of see everyone else. We also made hanging tissue balls that hung over the tables.

The tables were also set up and looked super cute! We made some double tiered trays and setting trays for sandwiches and scones and other baked goods.

We used the kitchen bar area to serve juice and appetizers.

And then Malila set up a cute little cake area by the balloon wall:

The cake and cupcakes were very cute and delicious!
Here’s a shot of birthday girl slicing the cake:

After tea hour we played Pictionary. Here’s me trying to draw eliminate.

After the tea party and clean up I went to swim at a lake with my boyfriend and his friends and then we went over to their place for an impromptu bbq that night.

Overall it was a really good weekend!

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] MidSummer Tea Party – Choua’s 24th!”

  1. Choua says:

    You’re finally back! I want some of your pics from my birthday.

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