[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – It was a good idea at first, scrapbooking that is

Since I’ve started to scrapbook, I felt like I’ve been lacking in supplies and materials so I dropped by Michaels and Joanns yesterday to pick some stuff up for filling my baggie.

First, here’s my current supply, all in a free sephora tote from Christmas:

I mostly have paper, some stickers and a few tags and add ons.

Ok, now onto the goods. I’ll start with JoAnns. First, I got some letter stickers. These were on sale for 30% off.

I also got some vellum quotes:

A block stamp and some corner pieces:

Some border strands:

Circle template:

Paperset made of letter punch outs. This one was on clearance for $3.

Now onto Michaels. I got some cardstock:

Some more block stamps:

Some edge scissors.

Some cute alphabet stamps:

Three ink pads:

Some ribbon & tape which I finished after just four pages:

Some pearls that I plan to use on my nails:

Here is stamping sample of some of the stamps:

I also took some pictures of the my book & pages

I think I’m worn out from scrapbooking. I don’t think I’ll touch it again for a while. That’s too bad because I just bought all this stuff.

♡ PaNhia


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