[ ♡ ] Wedding Pictures – – – Someone elses of course!

I attended a wedding Saturday night with my aunt & cousins and thought I’d share some pictures. First, here’s my outfit of the night. I didn’t find a dress while shopping earlier in the day so I just pulled this pink dress out of my closet from a long time ago.

I also tried out my middle split again which I’m starting to really dig because it’s easy to do and hard to mess up.

The wedding was in a Reception Hall in the basement of a church. My aunt told us to meet at her house by 5 pm to carpool to the wedding so that’s what we did but when we got there she wasn’t done getting ready yet so we didn’t leave until 6 which meant we were a little late.

We parked in front of the church and almost was locked outside with two other families because the doors wouldn’t open but luckily someone came upstairs to get us. After climbing the stairs down to the basement floor we were met with another problem, no seats. As with all Hmong weddings, there were no seat assignments so it was basically first come first serve. So smaller families and couples were stationed at random tables making it difficult to get a big group their own table. We kind of stood around awkwardly for a while until the father of the bride found us a table occupied by only one couple.

The place itself wasn’t that big but it was surprisingly well lit for a basement room. And the decorations were nice.

Their wedding colors were white and an aqua blue which helped lightened up the space. Each table had a cute centerpiece. There were candles, a letter, mints, a tall vase of flowers in the center. There were also programs and bubbles and wedding favors .

The theme was “Two hearts beat as one” so everywhere you look there were interlocking hearts. My cousin and I snickered a little at the theme for its corniness but what did they expect with that kind of theme?

Apparently we missed the majority of the wedding ceremonies because the Hmong parts started at 4 and when we were there the walk down the isle was already done. We did have to sit through a speech from the bride’s parents, her doctor uncle and the bride & grooms own speech as they stumbled through the memorized Hmong. It was sort of chaotic and unorganized but typical of a Hmong wedding. They would try to do things like get everyone ready for a toast to the bride and groom but then kids were still passing around the sparkling juice and cups for the toast so then they’d have the dance troup perform until they were ready. There were wine chutes on the table and we started pouring the juice into the chutes but then they announced that the chutes were only for decoration lol so we repoured to these little cups they passed around. And then when the toast finally happened, all the groom said was “Cheers!” Lol I don’t know, am I being petty or was it funny like it was in my head. I just thought he could’ve said a little more than cheers after all that commotion in getting everyone ready for the toast.
Here’s our sparkling juice:

After that the kids came around again to serve the food. This was my first time getting served Hmong food at a wedding and I think it was a little odd. It came in these cool little containers:

The thing was though, the food was cold and you didn’t really get enough of anything to enjoy it. There was a little sandwich bag with rice, two pieces of bbq pork, 3-4 pieces of shrimp, some yucky asparagus, and two pieces of steamed zucchini. I think the meal was the low part of the night. It was not appetizing but mostly because it was cold and oddly proportioned. I guess I’m just used to food being catered at weddings and not precooked and pre-packaged like this. I almost preferred a buffet to this.

After the eating it was mostly do-your-own-thing from there on out. They did gather one last time for the cake cutting.

The cake saved the night. It was super delicious and milky and creamy and not too sweet.

And here’s one final picture of my cousin & I. We cracked jokes the entire night.

The rest of the night was dedicated to dancing but I didn’t stay long for that. Overall I really liked the cake and the bride’s veil. It was a different experience because of the food but still a good time.

♡ PaNhia


2 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Wedding Pictures – – – Someone elses of course!”

  1. Rosie says:

    My parents attended this wedding. They brought home some cake and I recognized the interlocking heart keychain.

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