[ ♡ ] Scrapbooking & Girls Night (at Applebees lol)

Friday was our scrapbooking get together with the girls. Unfortunately they were unprepared and only two of us really scrapbooked but I definitely got a lot of pages done. A while ago I pulled a bunch of pictures onto my flashdrive into a “to print” folder and printed all of them at Target for scrapbooking so I was prepared with photos. I think I printed over 150 pictures. I don’t have pictures of my completed pages yet but I will put them up soon.

Maika brought over her huge container of scrapbooking supplies.

I only had a bag full but I didn’t take pictures of my scrapbooking stuff. I should do a “what’s in your scrapbooking bag” post. After scrapbooking we went to Sushi Tango for Happy Hour but it was too busy so we went to Applebees instead and had an old ladies night 🙂

Here’s a post dinner picture we took with some statues outside curtsey of Xti’s camera.

Even though we didn’t really go out, it was still a good night!

♡ PaNhia


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