[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 06/20/11 Ring Around the Rosy

I said I would stop, but I just can’t. I bought more accessories and actually got some on my forever21 lust list a few posts down. These are from two shopping trips and most items are from either F21 or CR.

Charlotte Russe is having a 3 for $10 sale on rings, bracelets and earrings so I took advantage of it and bought three rings. First, a cool one with jutting cirlcles.

I just really like the darker tone of this ring.

My second pick was a long ring, the first of its kind to go in my collection.

I like that its detailed but simple and sits nicely on. My last pick was the rose cluster ring pictured above but I forgot to do a close up of it.

I also discovered VS’ semi annual sale and bougth 4 bras, each $24.99.

Then I stopped by the mall again Saturday and picked up more jewelry. First some cute earrings:

Then I got the hanging stone necklace I wanted:

I also got a little circle necklace for layering and casual outfits:

It says “I love you” but what I really liked was that the little circle medallion can be flipped around.

Then I got the bracelets I really wanted from last time:

I just love the white incased in gold.

Then I got two more rings, one from F21 & and one more from CR.

This was also in my lust list. I just love the color.

This one was kind of a random pick to get the three for $10 deal at CR.

And finally all of them together:

Ok, seriously no more accessories buying.

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 06/20/11 Ring Around the Rosy”

  1. Choua says:

    I really need to go shopping =(

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