[ ♡ ] Accessories Lust – Goodies from Forever21

I’ve been on an accessories craze lately. I’ve bought so much jewelry in the past few weeks than I’ve bought in the last few years. I’m looking for rings and bracelets now that I have a place to store them in open view. Here are some stuff I like from Forever21.

I think I’ve talked about this before but its really hard to describe my style and describe what types of items I like and why I like them. I really like cute girly stuff but I also like pretty things with an edge or things with different detailing. I also have been liking things in their raw form like stones. I like the stone necklace because its not a shape like a heart but it looks like that’s how the stone would’ve looked sliced thinly. I also like the hanging stone necklace because it looks like an amulet and you all know how I love medival magic!

I saw those nails at one of my F21s before leaving for vacation but didn’t buy them because I hate fake nails and I don’t trust them to last long but these are just so cute like the Japanese nails that I’m really tempted to try them.

I must stop buying accessories but they just keep calling to me.

♡ PaNhia


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