[ ♡ ] Review – LA NYX Liners

Moving onward, here are the arm swatches for my nyx pencils. Some of these are from previous purchases but I didn’t remember which were which so I just grabbed them all. I got most of these from LA. It was 12 for $9 so a really good deal. I chose some lip liners and eyeliners.

I tried to get a shot of the names but the light cast a glare on it so its hard to see for some liners.

And here are the swatches with the names right above in no flash and flash.

I haven’t tried most of them on my lips so I can’t see how true to swatch on the arm is to the lip swatch but I have used other nyx lip liners that I really like. As for the eyeliner if you wear it on your lid and not waterline then it has good staying power. I’ve had the teal color on for a few hours now and it hasn’t rubbed off or anything. I’ll do a waterline trial soon but I’m going to guess it won’t work so well or last too long because they’re not made specifically for that purpose.

I really like the range of colors I picked though. I now feel like I have some good basics like emerald, blue, grey, silver and gold. I didn’t buy black because I’m picky about black liner and I’ve found very few pencil liners in black that work for me so I’m reserving black for products that work really well and are good for daily long wear.

♡ PaNhia


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