[ ♡ ] The Perfect Day

I’ve been planning a lot about what I’ll do this summer since my boyfriend will be back and because it’ll just change the dynamic of everything and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about routines. I don’t mind the occasional spontaneous jaunt but I really like the idea of a routine especially for night times and Sundays. Fridays and Saturdays I like to have open because you never know what party or what event might pop up but I’d like for lazy days like Sundays and uneventful nights like weeknights to have a routine so that I have something to do should nothing come up. I guess I just like doing things, I don’t like to waste days sitting at home. That’s one of the big reasons I joined the gym because when all else fails, I always have the gym.

I like my current schedule of gym & fitness classes at night during the weekdays and mornings on weekends but because my boyfriend’s coming back and I still will be working full time, I need to adjust my gym schedule so that I can still have time to see him and work out. I’ll probably be doing yoga and pilates 2-3 times a week and they’re later at night so on those days I’ll work out at night but on the days that I don’t do classes, I’ll probably start working out in the early mornings so I have time after work to hang out. I’ll still do mornings on Saturdays and Sundays because I don’t like the idea of working out late on the weekends. It makes me feel lazy and if its after 8 or 9 am, I don’t want to go anymore, I feel like I’d rather do something else with my free time.

This planning and scheduling has led me to kind of really start planning my routine and what I want to do on lazy days like Sundays. In my head I can imagine a perfect lazy day where it’s all activity filled but still relaxing.

I’d wake up, go the gym bright and early then shower and get ready to meet up with the girls or my boyfriend for a walk around the park or by the river and drink some steaming coffee…

Then I’d love to walk to a nearby cute little restaurant and have brunch and people watch for a few hours while lazily sitting around on the patio or outdoor furniture.

I’d sit around and blog and write for a few hours just basking in the sunlight and nice day.

In the afternoon I’d go for some bubbletea or coffee round two and then do some window shopping or real shopping with the girls at cute antique stores or random small shops that we happen by.

Then I’d end the night by renting a movie and having a low key movie night or be sophisticated and have a glass of wine before drifting off to sleep to relive my perfect day.

If only I could develop this for as a routine for my Sundays, I’d be set. Doesn’t it just sound dreamy?

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] The Perfect Day”

  1. xti says:

    sounds like a perfect day to me too except mine also includes some type of korean thing going on …like kangta, korea, korean music, food, people, etc …lol

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