[ ♡ ] Forgotten outfits – 6/15/11

I just posting up some forgotten outfits and fitting room pictures that have been hiding in my phone.

This skirt & top are from my trip to korea few years ago.

This was an oftd from my shopping trip pre-vacay

I was trying on this skirt at H&M but didn’t get it because the hanging bow started to bother me after a while.

These are from f21 in LA, I ended up buying the red top.

This one is a dress from H&M and I nearly bought it because I love the pattern and color but it’s actually a swim suit cover up so its super sheer. I hate to buy something just to have to buy something else to go underneath.

That’s all for forgotten outfits!

♡ PaNhia


2 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Forgotten outfits – 6/15/11”

  1. indyink says:

    The red stripe top with cutoffs is super cute. What kind of shoes do you wear with something like that? I’m trying not to let myself default to flip flops so much this summer.

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