[ ♡ ] forgotten events – more phone digging

I also found a bunch of random pictures of events in my phone that I thought I should put up.

Here’s one I snapped of a wall at Bdubs that I thought was just genius. Really, it doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Here’s one from a random kbbq we had a xti’s house that I took a shot of because we put the grill in a fruit box to prevent oil from getting everywhere. It just looks so funny.

Here’s a bucket of rice water that I had to take a picture of because my sister was saving it. Basically it’s from when you wash rice before you cook it and usually you drain out the water but my sister was trying to save it in this ice cream bucket to wash her face with because it’s supposed to have whitening effects. I’m not really sure if she ever used it though.

These two pictures are from an accessories store called charming Charlie and I took a picture of mostly just the ring tray because its what inspired me to go buy a tray from Michaels to store my earrings.

Here’s a picture of our cupcakes from Cupcake. Mine is the lemon one.

Here’s a shot of the menu wall from the Korea restaurant that I love.

Here’s a bracelet set from F21 that I thought was really cute.

This is a picture of my cousin’s graduation at an arena. It’s actually not such an aesthetically pleasing place for a graduation but it’s good because the seats are stadium so you can see from almost every angle.

Here’s a picture from just the other day of Choua’s stove top. I took it because it does this funny thing where when you first turn it on, it will burn bright red then simmer down and repeat until it’s hot.

And these last two pictures are from Monday where I had coffee on the patio with choua and kay and then we went to the gym and finally happy hour later.

I got a smoothie and blackberry and white chocolate scone.

♡ PaNhia


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