[ ♡ ] Girls Weekend Recap – Picture Perfect Picnic Crashing Birthday Weekend!

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity with the girls! This past weekend was the start of our official summer plans from when we planned a month ago. Friday was game night at Choua’s so my sister and I headed to Hmong village to get some food before heading over. First, my look of the day.

No flash:

With Flash. I look super tan here!

I decided to split my hair down the middle which I haven’t done since maybe freshmen year of highschool.

We ended up playing Pictionary which took a really long time because we used the board and the extra instructions dice.

It was really fun and hard! Some teams got words like object and inheritance lol! YM and Maixiong was ahead so they were called rabbit. Our other two teams were lagging behind for the first half of the game so we were turtle and snail. In the end, snail won! Victory for slow and steady!

The next morning we woke up bright and early around 6 to go to the farmers market in downtown but when we got there, a lot of people were already there. And things seemed more expensive than they used to be. Choua got an small fresh squeezed orange juice for $3! I mean, I wouldn’t mind paying $3 for a drink but it was seriously like a sample size cup.
Here’s us standing in the market.

We bought two bouquets of my favorite flowers: peonies! And we only paid $6 a piece. What a deal!

Its still early so they didn’t have a lot of stuff yet. My mom wanted some large white peaches but they only had baby sized ones. I still ended up with a lot of food though. I got strawberries, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and mangos, all for under $10.

After the farmer’s market we came back home and went to the gym for a few hours to run and do yoga and then we went to my aunt’s family picnic to hang out with the kids and enjoy the day. I had to run back and forth to send my grandma and the kids home and then re-pick up the girls from the park. After the park we went shopping for Amy’s birthday. We got her gifts from Target and got supplies to bake her a cake. We had this crazy cool idea to bake a four layer cake for her with each layer being a different color. And it started out great, we got food coloring, picked four colors, started mixing.

Here’s our batter:

But we didn’t have enough time to give the layers time to cool so we had to start layering within 15 mins of pulling them out and they just broke apart and didn’t layer well.

It’s actually still pretty cute though, just lopsided. When we finished, this is what it looked like:

Keep in mind it’s foundation is weak and crumbly. We still had to go to Sushi tango for dinner for Amy’s bday and then go to her house to surprise her with the cake. Along the way, we knew it would be a disaster. As we got the cake into the car, it started moving like a dinosaur was nearby or something and a piece fell on the ground.

In the car, everytime we made a turn or stopped, the cake would shake and crumble a little and then finally when we pulled up into the parking lot, a whole corner fell off! Thank goodness we brought the cake on a baking sheet, otherwise my legs would have drowned in icing. It was funny because we had to push the cake back together and then run inside the restaurant and go wash our hands! When everyone asked what was wrong, I made up a lie about a dinner dish gone wrong and choua had the hardest time backing me up lol! She’s a horrible liar!

After dinner we went to Amy’s place and surprised her with the cake (sort of) and this is the end result:

It looked so sad by the time we got to singing happy birthday but it was delicious! Here’s our group picture:

And here’s birthday girl with the cake:

After eating our cake, we played some jeopardy and then called it a night!

Sunday I did some laundry and then later we went back to choua’s for bento/movie night. We didn’t do our bento until four but it still turned out pretty cool! Here’s some pictures:

And me with my bento and soy milk!

We ended up watching a documentary called “Hair” by Chris Rock about black women’s affair with hair and how much they paid for it. It was really interesting. I mean its really an investment. The pieces are one grand and up and that’s not even including the cost of putting it in.

We also watched this movie called “The Kids are Alright” about this lesbian couple whose two kids decided to contact their donor dad and it says comedy on the cover but it was actually more of a drama. I didn’t like it, too much of everything in it.

Overall though, I had a good weekend and it’s only going to get better!
♡ PaNhia


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