[ ♡ ] LA 2011 Part 1

For this trip we didn’t take as many pictures as we usually do, I think because we were too busy enjoying and exploring and didn’t bother with capturing. I went with my sisters and friends and I had a whole itinerary planned. I’m big on planning so for weeks, possibly even months before going I researched and yelped like crazy to find all the places I wanted to shop at and things I wanted to go to. I even found a Sephora in LA that sells Illmasqua. Most of our trip was shopping and eating though (as all trips should be)

I carried a huge pink suitcase because I knew I would shop a lot while the others each carried small carry on suitcases. Even with all that I brought I wasn’t prepared. Turns out it wasn’t that hot in LA. Most of the of the time it was in the early 60s so it was still sort of cold, especially near the beach. I had mostly shorts and tanks and ts and only a few long sleeves but luckily I did bring a pair of jeans and leggings!

Ok, no more lagging! Here are some shots, in order of occurrence of course. First is me at the airport all comfy. This couple was laughing at us because I had to hop from spot to spot to get a picture without the light glaring on my face 🙂

That night we went to a Korean bbq joint really close to us.

The food was really good, especially the soup in the center but the service was extremely lacking. We had two waiters, one nice one and one that was a little douche bag. I mean I knew the service wouldn’t be great but I didn’t expect overt neglect and rudeness. They serviced everyone else nicely and promptly but us. I had no idea why, probably because we weren’t Korean. Every table had a service button you can press when you want more meat or water or something (because it’s a bring-to-your-table buffet) and its not like we even pressed it that much but we definitely had to press it a few extra times when we were ignored. It was just really annoying. And our douche waiter would come up to our table and while we were still telling him what we wanted he was already like “ok,” and half gone in the middle of us talking! What the hell kind of service is that right? Seriously I’m going to join yelp and put them on blast. Don’t be a waiter if you’re also inclined to douche-baggery!

Anyways, whew glad I got that off my chest for now. The next day we walked to a close by cvs to grab some necessities for the hotel. It was literally a block and a half away. We were in the center of huge food hub. Here’s us walking like tourists lol.

Then I went in and found something so funny and cool!

It’s a basket that wheels around! I have never seen anything like it before! I definitely like it better than having to bruise your arm with carrying a basket around.

Then we started out our shopping itinerary. We did a little bit of Japanese shopping at this area on Sawtelle. We went to a store that had a ton of cute Japanese stuff like hair bands, bentos etc. And it was all good until we got in the car and my little sister who understands Japanese said the two workers in there was talking about us. She said they called us weird and I was like, are you kidding? You tell me this now when we left already? I was so mad, I mean weird is not an insult or anything but again, it’s a store, what are you doing talking about your customers? Arent you in the business of trying to make money? Seriously i wish I would’ve known it earlier, I would not have left without a threat to talk to their manager and embarrassing them a bit by telling them weird is better than trash talkers. Ugh, makes me so mad. This was only the second day and it was already the 2nd time being mistreated by people in the service industry.

Anyways after that we went to Santa Monica promenade to shop. We had some yummy yogurt!

That night we went out for drinks but I was super tired.

The next morning we took my little sister to check out a college in Pascedena and do their tour. At one point we got bored so we strayed from the pack and camwhored lol. This is a little area in the center of campus. That little bridge is so cute!

I took a shot of all the kids listening intently.

Our tour guide wasn’t that good though. He spent a lot of time talking about partying and pranks which was surprising because this was supposed to be one of the top schools and was supposed to be known for its academic rigor. After the tour and everything my sister decided she didn’t like it anymore. After that we went to Chinatown and little Tokyo. We had yogurt again in little Tokyo but at place called Yogurtland which was cheaper, bigger and better. In pinkberry, you pick a cup size, one of four yogurt flavors and then your toppings and you pay based on your cup size. I got a medium and paid near $6. In yogurtland its all do it yourself. You grab a cup ( one of two) and fill it with any combination of the 10 or so flavors then you put in whatever toppings you want and you weigh it at the register and pay for the weight instead of cup size. My cup was bigger than the pinkberry medium and I had more flavors and toppings and ended up paying like $5.30 or something. It was a much better deal!
Here’s the wall of yogurt:

That night my sisters went to a concert so the remaining three of us went to have Korean bbq again, this time at another place but still within 100 feet from us. Here’s a shot:

The service was much better at this place and they came and even helped cook for us a few times. It was a much better experience except for I left my one cardi/sweater there and wasn’t able to retrieve it because they didn’t understand me when I called in. Anyways we picked up my sisters from the Nokia theater and I took a shot of the screens:

The following day we went to Santee Alley. I neglected outfits most of the time but I did remember to do one for this day.

It was actually a hot day so I wore a skirt. I bought a ton of stuff from Santee alley including a pair of $6 gladiaters. Then we had these huge juicy burgers from a little burger shack.

They were two pounds of yummy deliciousness! And the fries were also awesome but really greasy, the bags were soaked by the time we got back. After eating and resting we stopped by koreatown to shop then came to get ready for the night. Some friends from fresno came down to party with us so we went out to highlands that night.

The next day we did beaches and a memorial day bbq. Here’s us at Venice.

After Venice we went to Santa monica and then to a friend’s house for the big memorial day bbq. We had so much good food! I played jinga for the first time that night and of course was the first to knock down the tower 🙂

After that the trip was more relaxing, less frenzied activity. We went to Hollywood and in & out before coming home.

The girls went home and I continued on my trip for another 5 or so days. Look out for part 2!

♡ PaNhia


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