[ ♡ ] Recent Purchaes – 5/20/11 The Deals Keep coming – Ulta, Books & Target

After my PF coupon run, I decided to take advantage of some more sales on Friday so I went to my closest ulta with the intent to buy three Revlon lipsticks because they had a buy 2 get one free sale. I also knew that this week Walgreens would be having Revlon on sale for 40% off but I did some calculations and found that it would be cheaper to do this deal at Ulta because I also had $5 to exchange back in.

So first, I got three lipsticks in Nude attitude, Stormy pink and sky pink, all mattes. I also have been wanting to get a new colorstay foundation in a lighter shade because natural tan is too dark so I calculated the price per foundation using three stores. At Target they were $10 on sale for $9 each. At Walgreens they were $13 on sale for $7.80 a piece with the 40% off. At Ulta they were $12 a piece but with the buy 2 get one free deal it would be $24 dividde by 3 = $8. So I thought I’d just wait for the Walgreens sale and buy it from there because it was cheapest at $7.80 but then I walked around Ulta and found a little display with this same foundation and each foundation had an instant save $3 off coupon on it! Which means that If I bought three, it would take each foundation from $12 to $9 and then using the buy 2 get one free, I’d end up paying around $6 per item instead! I was so excited until I saw that they didn’t have the shades I wanted to try on the display because they were out.

So what did I do? Drive across town to the other Ulta of course! I also tried the three lipsticks in the car and was not feeling stormy pink and nude attitude so I exchanged them again for two other colors in siren and primrose pink.

L to R: Siren (creme,) sky pink (matte,) and primrose pink (crème)

I got siren for my sister because we were looking for a morange dupe. It actually comes pretty close except for its not as pigmented in one swipe. Sky pink is a nice light pink. For a matte, it comes on quite sheer. Primrose is my favorite, a light purply pink that comes on nicely.

Then of course I found the foundations at the 2nd Ulta in my color and bought three, two in medium beige and one in natural beige which is lighter. I figure medium beige would match more so I got two of those. Also if they didn’t match, I can always return them for darker colors later. I also ended up paying only $5 per bottle because when Ulta took the 3rd product off, they took off the orginal price of $11.99 instead of the price I paid with the coupon.

The odd thing about these is that they come in two versions, dry and normal & combo and oily. The colors in the combo and oily version all seem lighter than the same colors in the dry version which I found weird but after trying medium beige on my skin I found it wasn’t as light as I thought it would be and it matched perfectly.

I also stopped by half priced books to pick up some reads for my plane ride and I found 8 in the clearance section for $1 each!

And then I had two coupons for $2 off Revlon top speed nail polish from Target so I stopped by Target to get two. I got an orangey one and a purply pink one. I got them each for $3 a piece.

The colors are the last two on the right but I took a shot of the other two because I wanted to show you guys the similarity between the Revlon cupid and the elf one I got last time. They look almost the same right? It’s sort of a bummer, I really thought the Revlon one would be more purply and less pink.

Well that’s it for my deals in makeup over the weekend!

♡ PaNhia

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