[ ♡ ] Currently Loving – Items that work!

I decided to do a little post on some of my favorite skincare and hair care type items that have been working for me. I like trying new things because I’m forever looking for things that will work well for me in terms of hair and skin care and body care so here are a few that I’ve been using for a while.

1. Eye makeup remover

This Bottle is an Etude bottle but the product is actually the Neutrogena oil free makeup remover. I only put it in here because the Neutrogena bottle has an open top when you unscrew the bottle so a lot more product comes out if you’re not careful. This Etude bottle had eyemakeup remover in it as well but I didn’t like it so I emptied it and used it for this because it has a stopper at the top of the bottle opening with a small hole in the middle so you’re getting a little flow of product as opposed to dumping the product on your cotton puff. I really like this product because I’ve found that it removes everything without stinging. It does feel oily when you wipe your eye makeup but it washes off easily.

2. Hair serum & Heat Protectant Spray

I use the Pantene line in medium thick hair and these two are awesome. The first one is a smoothing crème that comes in a pump. I usually do one pump and run it through the ends of my hair before blow drying and it keeps my nice and not tough feeling. The heat protectant spray is also nice because it doesn’t smell like chemicals and it’s a lightweight bottle and easy to maneuver around the back of my head.

3. Body wash

I just recently started using this but I love it! The smell is amazing and refreshing! I usually use fruity smelling body wash like Dove but I’ve wanted a different more low key fresh and nice smell that didn’t smell like laundry and I think this one fits the bill perfectly. It’s kind of expensive at $7 but it’s really my taste so I’ll definitely repurchase. And I like that it comes in a pump instead of the usual squeeze bottles because then I can just pump some into a loofah and I’m good to go!

4. Contact case

I got this from Target a few months ago and I’m really liking it. It’s different than the usual ones with the twisting caps because it has the openings on the side and you just flip it open. Its convienient because when you’re tired and taking out your contacts you just have to hold one side down and flip open the cover on the other side whereas the other cases make you twist two caps. I just like that it’s quicker. On another note though, it is definitely not a travel safe lenses case because it will spill. It’s best for just sitting on top of your bathroom counter. It’s not a tight enough close so if you just tip it on the side, the solution will spill out. That really is the only con about this product but it’s like I’m always traveling or sleeping somewhere else so it works fine for me.

5. Makeup removing cleanser

Lastly is the Neutrogena makeup removing cleanser on the left. I used to use the Clean& Clear one until they discontinued it and then I went back to wipes but just found that they didn’t cut it. I would use the wipes, use a regular anti-blemish cleanser and then wipe my face with a clean towel and I’d find foundation streaks on it so I knew that I had to use a cleanser to get off makeup when I do a full face. First I found the Neutrogena one on the right and tried it out. It’s a makeup removing cleanser but for acne prone skin and it works fine but it had a chemical type smell and I just didn’t like the way it felt. So then I found this other Neutrogena one on the left called the one step gentle cleanser and decided to try it out and fell in love with it! It’s sort of milky and gentle and smells much better. It also gets off every last bit of makeup on my face so I’m really glad I finally found a replacement for my Clean&Clear one.

And that, is the last of my current favorite products.

♡ PaNhia


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