[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 5/18/11 Physicians Formula Sale

Hey lovelies, I did my first coupon mission yesterday. Ever since extreme couponing on TLC, I’ve been going crazy strategizing how I can do the same and start stockpiling lol. Of course I realized that I need to clip like crazy and join membership coupon sites to do the same so I slowed my dream a bit. That is, until yesterday when I heard of a physicians formula sale and printable coupon via a youtube chanel.

CVS is currently having a $6 off all physicians formula products sale and then there’s a $5 off any PF coupon out there so you get a major discount!

If you want to try it out, all you have to do is like the following facebook page and you’ll get access to the coupon plus other awesome deals.


So here is what I got:

I basically got four Physicians formula products worth $45 for $5. First I got two concealers in different shades just because they worked out to be free.

These are supposed to be like crazy coverage concealers. They’re actually quite thick and not liquidy like it looks in the tube. Here is a shot of the back cover to show you it’s powers.

Both shades are actually too light to conceal blemishes so I’ll mostly be using them as under eye concealers and to mix with my mac concealer which is currently too dark.

Then I got another concealer pact for again, free. It was $10 then $6 off from CVS bringing it down to $4 and I had a $5 coupon so it was $0!

I got this again, as an undereye concealer. I like cream concealers for undereye because its easier to use than liquid and it blends in quick. This one though Is a bit hard to blend.

Lastly from Physicians formula, I got a bronzer pact. It was originally $15, minus $6 and $5 off with my coupon so I spent $4 on it.

I’m disappointed because it says not orangey on the back and I chose the darkest color also but it still turned out to be quite orange. I’m looking for more of a brown non-shimmery bronzer. Also the color payoff is not so good on my skintone. I feel like it’s still light after multiple sweeps.

Then there was also a sale for 75% off some products at CVS so I picked up a mascara from rimmel for $2.50

I just chose this one because I needed one with a small brush for my bottom lashes. I find that my current mascara (Maybellene Falsies) is too wet for the bottom lashes, getting it all over my eye before it dries.

I also found these clear plastic bags for $.50 a piece. I got three for my two sisters and I.

That’s all for purchases. I spent very little, around $10 total.

Bonus: I cleaned my shoes yesterday and brought up my summer shoes. I put some on a white shelf under my stand alone extra rack of clothes.

I also moved some stuff around and put them on another shelf under my mirror.

♡ PaNhia


3 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 5/18/11 Physicians Formula Sale”

  1. Vicky says:

    On Physicians Formula Facebook page.
    “Hi Fans! We are SO appreciative of you & your passion for our brand. That’s why we are ALWAYS looking for new ways to delight you–from our 2x weekly giveaways to contests/discounts. Unfortunately our recent $5 off coupons have been inappropriately used & combined to deeply discount products. Although we really want you to try & love our products we can’t afford to give them away in the thousands for FREE. “

    • Nhiapa says:

      Yeah they pulled the coupon. In actuality they’re not paying anymore to the retailers than what’s stated on the coupon which is $5 per piece so it’s not like they’re having to pay more per item. I don’t really think anyone is abusing anything on the part of physicians formula as a company and a sale because in the end they’re not paying anymore than stated. I still don’t understand the big deal because even if the coupon brings the price of an item down to zero, CVS is still getting their $5 back from PF and the other portion of the price of the product lost in the transaction is from their own $6 off sale. They can’t blame the customer for both discounts occuring at the same time. So in actuality, no one is losing anymore than they should’ve anticipated with the sales and the coupons they offered. This is only coming about because the word spread and more people are using the coupon than PF anticipated, making them sweat a little. So really the only real money lost here due to this couponing onslaught is that they have more people using coupons and they have to pay back more retailers than they want to. Couponing is a marketing scheme done often because companies know that only a small select target customer will use them, not a large group of people but they should’ve known that with social media and the internet, couponing is catching on and their small coupon user market can inflate quickly and sporadically with a good deal. This time, there was a slight glitch and it made them unhappy so they pulled it.

  2. xti says:

    ooooh! what great deals …i shall start coupon-ing too!

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