[ ♡ ] Outfit of the Day & A 3 Hour long Graduation – 05/14/11 Spring Graduation

My sister’s graduation was Saturday and it was Rainy and cold. Luckily, the graduation was inside. Here’s what I wore:

• Blazer from H&M
• Dress from Roem in Korea
• Belt from F21

• Stila smokey eye classic eye palette
• Skinfood gel liner in black
• Loreal colorstay blush in peach
• MAC lipstick in crosswires

It was so weird because the doors opened at 11:30 but the ceremony didn’t start until 1:30 so if you wanted a good seat you can come early and wait 2 hours but here’s the catch: the ceremony itself lasted 3 hours so you’d be there for a total of 5 hours! Oh my gosh it was crazy. We decided to go around 12:45 and of course ended up sitting near the back. Here’s our view:

It was in their field house so everyone was sitting on flat ground instead of stadium seating so basically you can’t see anything! There were tons of graduates and tons of families as well so it took a long time. Some note worthy moments did occur though. Their main commencement speaker was some lady who works for human rights in the government and instead of saying encouraging words to the graduates, she spent most of the speech compelling them to use this as their platform to help the less fortunate and describing her adventures in Kenya and how it was hard for childbirth over there! I would be so mad if that was my commencement speaker. It was like this was her moment to shine light on her cause instead of the do what she was there to do, which is to speak to the graduates. Also, during the actual degree handout, one guy came up and appearnetly cartwheeled off the stage, ending up in a huge bang! I couldn’t see but my sister told me what happened afterward. It’s unfortunate for him because there were three cameras filming the whole thing. The chior sang a few times and there was this lady to my left that sang like an opera professional right along with them! The ceremony seriously lasted so long though. I fell asleep twice before my sister was called up.

Here is a picture after with the family:

If my kid brother’s face wasn’t blurred, you’d see the bored-i’m-too-cool-for-this look on his face.

We went to eat out with the whole family afterwards and then my other sister and I went back to Mai’s apartment to keep her company because that was her last night there and my mom just did not want her to be there alone. It was a long day, I missed two parties because of the graduation and plans changing but oh well, it is what it is.

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Outfit of the Day & A 3 Hour long Graduation – 05/14/11 Spring Graduation”

  1. xti says:

    cute outfit!

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