[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 05/10/11 Cupcakes in Korea, Yogurty Fru LaLa

I finally got the pictures from our wild night out Tuesday! We first dropped by a cupcake shop to nibble on cupcakes. We were a little disappointed that they didn’t have the biggest selection, just two rows with a few different kinds in each. Choua got a chocolate pistachio one, Christi got an orange cream one and I got a lemon one.

It was so hot and humid that day and surprisingly, the shop’s AC was just did not suffice so we stepped outside to eat our cupcakes. The outside was so cute, sort of a little hidden courtyard!

My cupcake was delicious! It had a cream filling!

Then we went to a Korean restaurant to grab some food and it was even more hot in there. It totally reminded me of korea, sweating and feeling not comfortable. I knew then and there that my hair was not going to make it so I pinned it up and braided it. I got my favorite dish, a spicy pork with rice and veggies dish. Choua got a rice cake dish and Xti got a dish similar to mine but on a hot pot.

When we stepped outside we saw this in the sky!

It was beautiful! Xti is holding onto the hope that its aliens and the hole to the universe.

After that we went to a frozen yogurt shop to chill while waiting for our other friends to meet us up. It was crazy because as we walked from our parking space to the shop the sky turned dark and orange and weather warning sirens started to go off, freaking us out a little. Our friend texted us that a tornado warning was in effect but we were already there so what were we supposed to do? So we ordered 🙂

We got this huge Korean crushed ice desert dish that we once had in Seoul. We did not know it was going to be this big! It was proably 9 or 10 inches in diameter and cost us $15. But you get to choose up to four toppings and what kind of sweet syrup to go on top. We chose mochi, gram crackers and nuts. We also had red bean and condensed milk. It was so good but we were dying because we had already been eating all day!

Here is us mixing everything together before eating it.

It took us about an hour to finish it but we did!

We ended the night with a pool game at the library and then I went home to save my sister’s car from the impending storm (that didn’t happen) while the others went out to play some more!

♡ PaNhia


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