[ ♡ ] Prepping & Cleaning – 05/08/11

My Sunday was dedicated to getting things in order and prepping for vacation in a few weeks. I wanted to do my laundry to prepare early because I have two other people in my house who will be rushing to do laundry last minute and I didn’t want to wait.

I also decided to put all my nail polishes on color wheels so that I can just take a look and decide what colors I want to use before doing my nails. It hopefully should also help me keep track of my collection.

Here is the pack of wheels I got from Sallys for around $6. I think there’s like 10 wheels in there.

I did a total of 5 wheels, grouping them in reds and purples, green and blues, neutrals, glitters and pinks. Each nail is two coats .

And here’s a close up of each. First, reds and purples.

Then blues and greens.

Then neutrals.

Then glitters.

Then pinks:

Then on the back, I wrote the polish name next to each:

And here’s a closer close up:

I really liked doing this because I feel more organized now and more ready to choose when I need to find something.

I also dropped by my grandmas to drop off the mother’s day gift and then went to the movies with Xti and her sister and watched “Something Borrowed.” More on that later.

To end my prepping and cleaning day I washed my brushes, finally!

♡ PaNhia


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