[ ♡ ] Mother’s Day 2011 – “So I cop her one, and cop you one too…”

Mother’s Day weekend started off as a crazy whirlwind because my mom and dad were actually busy all weekend with their own things. My parents were going over to a family member’s house where all the couples were convening for the annual mother’s day celebration.

Of course we were not invited but my dad did say I could go be their server. I declined. So instead I was given shopping duty to do mother’s day shopping for my mom and my two grandmas. There is nothing harder to do than to shop for three picky women.

I did find some things at TJ MAXX and Target though. I got my paternal grandmother a black cardigan and glasses case because she’s always forgetting her glasses and just setting them everywhere. I got my maternal grandmother a bunch of dish towels and some condiment jars. I got my mother (the hardest one to shop for) a three tiered plant stand.

I put the grandmothers’ gifts in these baggies:

My sister came by dropped off a fruit basket for my mom.

I also attempted to make some pumpkin rolls that just did not pan out as I wanted it to.

My litter sister read the instructions off to me from her laptop and kept reading things wrong. Let’s just say we sprinkled a lot of powdered sugar where it didn’t’ need to go on the first batch.

♡ PaNhia


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