[ ♡ ] New things!

I’ve always wanted to journal and document the exciting and mundane things in life but I’ve always been terrible at keeping it up but blogging has really helped me do that. Now I’ll have a record of everything I’ve done and everything I’ve seen and it’ll be something good to look through later on.

Because I’m starting to use this as an engine to keep record of my life I want to be a little more present on here and blog more often instead of in random spurts as I do now. To do this I’m going to add some new sections in here to help make sure I blog at least once a day.

1. Outfit of the day – I’ve already started this and hopefully I can keep it up unless I’m absolutely not going anywhere and I’m in pajamas all day.
2. 3 Sentence Day – At the end of everyday, I’ll blog three quick sentences either to summarize my day, or about some revelation I’ve come upon or just something I found particularly inspiring or evoked some sort of response in me.
3. Weekly schedules – I’ll also post my weekly schedule up on Mondays

Along with these new sections I’ve made a list of things to start blogging and reworking. I haven’t been able to write and photoshop for a while so I want to get back to it. Here’s a quick list of what’s coming up:
• Continue my recent stories
• Do rewrites on some fanfics
• Fanfic renames
• Review my korea trip to help plan for my next one
• More fashion!

♡ PaNhia


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