[ ♡ ] Lip & Nail organization! Spring cleaning!

I finally got around to organizing my makeup yesterday. I figured I’d make a day of it! I don’t have that many lipsticks because (I think I’ve explained this before) my lips are sensitive to some brands so I’ve just started venturing out into trying lip products lately because I was too scared to get allergic reactions. I know which drugstore brands I can’t wear, Maybellene, Cover Girl and Loreal. But I don’t know which high end brands I react to so I’m venturing slowly there. So far MAC is good for me and Sephora works as well. I think NARS is ok also but only their lipsticks, the lipglosses makes my lips tingly so I haven’t used them much. Anyways here’s my collection:

I found this little box with compartments a few months ago from the Target dollar section and then I put it inside a larger box that was an Aerie Gift set from Christmas. I just wanted a way to keep similar lipsticks together and see the colors/names. It works fine so far but I’ll eventually have to think of something else when I get more. I do have a little bit of space left though.

I also have been meaning to clean my nail polish up for a long time (like 2 years lol) and finally got around to re-organizing it. I have a lot of nail polish, most of which I don’t use.

This is the before picture. It’s a box on top of file box which has two shoe box lids full of polish inside plus a side box of polishes.

So inside that file box you can see a shoe box lid with jumbled polishes in it. There’s actually two lids in there and I pulled both out to fix. Here’s the final fix.

The first box/lid is for nail pens/ drawing polishes. I got a set of the white capped drawing polishes from Ebay a few years ago for $30. I also have some of the LA Color drawing ones and a few I got from the state fair which are lying down.

The box that was on top really need cleaning. It’s the box I keep nail tools in and also pinks and neutrals and glitters. Here’s the final product.

To the back left is a little creamer cup with nail tools. That pink container is from Etude in Korea and its actually a pump bottle containing polish remover which is so much easier to use. That little sugar cup thing is for my cotton puffs. The black box towards the back right is from Etude as well and I have my glitters in there. In the glass box in front of it, I have neutrals. Then taking up the rest of the space are the pinks.

Finally, here’s the last lid.

This is basically the rest and its organized by color. I mostly just use the mints and light blues and darks.

And then I decided to do my nails as well since I found a color I forgot I had.

It’s this cute Barbie pink from NYX.

♡ PaNhia


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