[ ♡ ] Foundation update! MUG It up.

So you all know I’ve decided to try a new foundation, the Revlon Colorstay. I wanted to show a comparison of the colors between this one and my usual Photoready.

As you can see they’re very similar. The tone is just a little different. The PhotoReady on the left has a pinkish hue to it and the Colorstay is more cool toned, yellow and its also a darker shade. I’ve found that the Colorstay matches my skin tone better.

I’ve also started using the MUG brush to apply the Colorstay foundation and I’ve found it works pretty well but because I’ve never used a stippling brush for foundation application before, I don’t know if its great or just good. I usually use a flat foundation brush that applies with more coverage so I feel like I have to use a little more product to get it to match my usual preferred coverage amount.

I feel like I was spoiled with the Photoready because it comes in a pump. If there’s one thing I really dislike about the Colorstay, it’s the fact that there’s no pump. Its hard to control how much comes out and so I tried a few ways of using it. First I tried putting a bit on the back of my hand and then putting my MUG stippling brush over it to apply to my face but because of the consistency of the product (very quick to dry) I found I was stippling it into my hand and not grabbing enough of the product for my face. So I found a solution:

Instead of pouring it onto the back of my hand, I poured it into this little false eyelash container. Because its plastic, the product can’t seep through. Its perfect because I lost the eyelashes for this set anyways and it’s a good size. I know I have the clear plastic top cover somewhere I just have to find it. When I do, I’ll toss the white lash part and just use this as my mixing tray!

I really like this product though, its nice and matte and matches well. The only two complaints I have again are the packaging and the fact that you have to work the product fast because it dries very quickly.

♡ PaNhia


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