[ ♡ ] This just in – Makeupgeek brush!

A few days ago I ordered a brush from makeupgeek in a spur of the moment decision and I just got it in today. I was actually watching a youtube video by her about her favorite foundations and she was demonstrating how she uses a brush to apply the foundation and I was intrigued by the brush in the video so I clicked to her post on her blog and eventually figured out the brush was actually one of her own. I didn’t even know she sold her own brushes. So I thought I’d give it a try and ordered it.

I paid about $15 for it plus almost $5 in shipping and handling.

Except for when I got my package, I saw this:

Shipping was actually only $2.09 so basically they’re saying it cost them $3 to grab it off a shelf and throw it in a box! Seriously? That takes like 10 minutes tops. I know her online store isn’t big enough to warrant a warehouse so all this stuff must be in close proximity. I ordered it earlier this week and got it today so it probably wasn’t a chore to get it packaged and sent. So I guess I paid an extra $3 to get it promptly? I just hate when people overcharge for shipping, at least hide it from me.

Anyways, onto the actual product:

It came in a little box with packing popcorn. The brush was incased in a little plastic baggie type thing.

Here’s the notes that comes with it:

I don’t usually wash brushes before use because I don’t have the patience to do it and wait for it to dry before trying it out.

I got the MUG Deluxe foundation stippling brush and its actually version two of the brush. They still sell the first one at a few dollars cheaper but the website said this new one has softer bristles so I ordered this one instead.

The bristles are definitely soft, sort of like the brushes made of goat hair. In the pictures, the brush looks very dense and thick but in person its actually not as thick as I’d like. Its still thicker than the Mac Stippling brush and most others I’ve tried but not thick enough.

Here it is next to a permanent marker for length comparison:

Its slightly longer but as a brush it’s on the short side. I tend to favor longer brushes.

I pulled out my elf professionals powder brush to compare the two because its very similar. It’s got a flat top as well.

The interesting thing is the elf one is longer (the perfect length) and actually much more dense than the MUG one. If you look at the second picture you can see that the top is wider in diameter as well. In terms of performance I don’t know how each fare because I haven’t used the MUG one and I haven’t used the elf one for foundation or liquids yet so I don’t know but from what I see so far, save your money and get the elf one from your local target because its seriously the same thing if not better.

I guess I’m still on the hunt for a nice, soft, dense stippling brush for my foundation.

♡ PaNhia


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