[ ♡ ] Goodies Some More – Ulta Exchange

I did a little ulta exchanging today because I decided not to try the bio oil after reading more reviews for oily skinned folks like myself. I also had to exchange my other Revlon colorstay foundation because I held my first bottle up next to my Revlon photoready and they were completely different, the colorstay was much too light so I brought it back in to find a darker match especially since summer is fast on the way.

I got a darker shade of the foundation and exchanged the bio oil for more nyx lipsticks.

I got the colorstay foundation in natural tan. I think its like the third darkest color they had.

I got four lipsticks from Nyx:

L to R: Orange Soda, Pumpkin Pie, Electra, Tea

As you can see, I’m into nudes and browns and orange nudes lately. I’ll do lips watches in another post. Orange soda is very pale orange on my lips and does not look good at all. I’ll probably return it. Pumpkin pie is cuter and more true to the color. It’s a nudey orange but doesn’t appear nearly white on your lips like orange soda does. Electra is a darker matte red but I haven’t tried it on my lips yet. Tea is a brown that actually is quite cute and wearable.

So far of all my NYX lipsticks I’m really digging Frappucino, Power, Thalia, Tea, and Tea Rose. I plan to get femme next, it’s a bright orange sort of like MAC’s Morange but neither of my two regular Ulta’s have it so I’ll probably have to go out to a further location to look for it.

♡ PaNhia

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