[ ♡ ] Dressing Bliss, Wedding dress of the future Queen

I know most of you have seen this already but I’d like to commemorate what I feel as an important event in modern history with a short little post of what I’ve been waiting for since I first heard of the royal engagement—the wedding dress:

Kate Middleton chose a beautiful long sleeve dress topped with english lace by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. For weeks people have been trying to guess who she’d chose to make her dress and how it would look. In terms of the style, I think it matches her perfectly and it’s so fitting that she didn’t go super traditional or super modern.

What was surprising to me was her choice of designer and I’m glad she chose Alexander McQueen. It’s just a little surprising because usually his design house’s aesthetic is just so out there and bizarre and completely not Kate but the design turned out to be very fitting.

And that’s her only bridesmaid behind her, her sister Pippa who is also wearing white. People thought this was some sort of faux pas but I heard that its traditional to have bridesmaids wear white as well to confuse highway men and keep them from abducting the bride before the nuptials. Interesting huh?

♡ PaNhia

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