[ ♡ ] Spring Cleaning, dusty dusty

My sister recently moved out of my room and into her own space in the basement so I’m in the process of rearranging and cleaning my stuff. This comes at a perfect time because it’ll be May in a few days and my wardrobe needs to be changed for the season.

I’ve put a new clothing rack into my room because my old one broke from the weight of the clothes (lol) but I haven’t cleaned and organized it yet so once my closet is complete, I’ll put up some pictures. I’m in the process of moving my summer heels back up to my room and putting my boots away.

I’ve also gained some much need ground space for my stuff so I thought I’d share. Next to my vanity I’ve stacked up my two train cases and my little basket of wallets/wristlets etc.

I’ve used my new silver train case at least once or twice but I didn’t think of how heavy it would be when I first bought it. As it turns out, I don’t really like using it because on its own, its pretty heavy already and then add to that my makeup and I’m just asking for back problems. I’ll probably use the pink one most of the time unless I need to carry a lot of stuff for a longer period of time.

I also got this little round basket a while ago from a lotion gift set and decided to put my wallets, wristlets and clutches in it. As you can see, I’m pretty handy because I have my hammer and level. Yes, they are pink and yes I use them, well at least the hammer. I’ll be using the level when I put up my ikea wall shelves.

I’ve also started storing my palettes differently.

I keep most of my makeup in drawers so I end up not using a lot of it, especially not palettes so I decided to them in this letter organizer so that I can see them and reach for them easily. This is actually a pretty big letter organizer from Target I got a few years ago for around $15. I don’t own a lot big palettes so there’s only a few coastal scents in there. That little pink book is my inspiration book where I write down looks I want to try including hair and makeup and I also put clippings in there.

And lastly, I’ve been trying to clean my vanity counter but I’ve been having a hard time because although my sister moved out, she left her makeup because there’s no natural lighting downstairs for her to do makeup. I did add a little storage tower though.

I got these two little tower trays from the bath area of target for about $5 each. They’re really cute because they’re a good size and they have dipped opening in front and they stack. I put my cotton puffs in the bottom and sponges and lashes on top. This is really convenient for when I use my toner in the morning. I also have a tub of Equate wipes from Walmart and a brush holder from Etude when I went to korea.

I’m still organizing my other stuff but once its all done, I’ll update with more pictures.

♡ PaNhia


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