[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – Ulta & MAC quite cute!

Besides eating, I did a lot of shopping. I bought some jeans and a little tank top but the majority of my money went to a weeks worth of makeup shopping.

This is the collection over two trips to Ulta:

Ulta had a sale last week for 40% off of Revlon, Maybellene & NYX so I bought a few things. The only foundation I currently use is Revlon’s Photoready so I bought two, one for my bag and one for my vanity.

They’re originally 12.99 but I got both for about $15 so it was a good deal!

I bought 5 NYX lipsticks in Power, Thalia, B52, Fig & Frappacino. Here is Power first, I forgot to put it in the group shot:

It’s a light muavey purple with brownish tones.

Here are the rest:

B52 and Frappucino are quite similar. They’re brownish nudes that are just slightly darker than my lip color and they’re good for daily wear. Thalia is a light nude that’s got mauve tones to it. Fig is a really cute everyday pink that’s on the brighter side. So far I’m loving thalia and fig. I haven’t really explored the two brown nudes yet.

I also bought a lip pencil in iced coffee and an eye pencil in rocky mountain green.

The lip pencil is a really nice nudey orange color that I plan to use for smokey eyes. The green eye pencil I just bought to go under green shadow.

I also got a dual ended pencil from NYX that has a brown for filling in brows and a pink for highlighting. I know this is a dupe for the Anastasia one but it works really well. I really love the pink side.

Then I got three lip pencils in rose, hot red, and pale pink

The rose is a daily liner good under most lipsticks and the pale pink is really pale so its good for my baby pink looks and then I just got a red because I don’t have one.

I also wanted to try a different foundation so I got Revlon colorstay in warm golden.

Then I got a bio oil to try and a replacement hairspray for poufing.

I also dropped by target to get a replacement lock for the gym (long story) and got some new 136s.

Last week I also got two things from a MAC counter at Macys. I got a blush from the new cute collection and fix + to try.

I got the purple blush in Sakura because I’ve been looking for a really light purple blush that wasn’t so light it would look like a highlighter and this one works really well!

And last but not least, I used a 40% of coupon from borders and got “A Game of Thrones.” I just kept seeing it everywhere because HBO is making a series of the story so I decided I read it and see what the hypes all about.

I’m about four chapters in. It’s all about kings and queens and mystical things so right up my alley!

Overall I would say I’m set makeup wise for a long time. I do want to try the other blushes from the MAC collection thought. We’ll see how long I can contain myself 🙂

♡ PaNhia

4 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – Ulta & MAC quite cute!”

  1. Choua says:

    Wow, you did buy a lot! lol

    It’s ok because it was on sale and a great deal! =) Let me know how the bio-oil works!

  2. Rosie says:

    I find it awesome that after finishing up my posts and updates I come to look at your blog and Choua’s to find out, we pretty much blogged about the same exact thing, except worded differently. It was like dejavu when I read about the eating out all weekend, stating something about the bank account, and TWO Ulta trips. x)

  3. Choua says:

    Lol @ Rosie!

  4. Rosie says:

    I picked up Thalia today because a youtuber mentioned it. I didn’t know you bought one too! Sweet.

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