[ ♡ ] Off to Seoul, Korean Bday & Hoodies Galore

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged but I’ve been really busy with everything that’s been going on and my boyfriend came to visit so I was just all over the place. In the next few posts I’ll be recapping everything that’s been happening in the last two weeks!

First, Mala left to teach in korea so before she left, we went out to dinner at a Thai place. I got a pinapple curry dish, it was super delish!

We didn’t take a lot of pictures but here is kay and I:

Then Choua & I:

Towards the end of the week, we went out for Xti’s birthday. My boyfriend also came into town the same day but I couldn’t go see him because I was getting ready for xti’s birthday. Her theme was all out cute and dressy like this one Korean music video except for I ended up being the only one who really took the theme and ran with it (like always.) I was going to make a dress (I bought fabric and everything) but didn’t have time because the party was cancelled and rescheduled a few times so I just pulled out a barely worn H&M dress and pinned it to be a one shoulder and then threw on a belt and added pink tights and a giant tulle hair bow. It was super cute! First we grabbed some Korean food to fit the Korean theme. Here we are at the restaurant:

Then we went next door to spend the rest of the night karaoking away!

Here’s birthday girl and I:

I love this picture:

This was all on a Friday night so we also did some celebrations on Saturday night. The next day I spent some time with my boyfriend and then at night we went to a little bachelorette party for my friend Ada where we met an old friend from highschool. Here we are with the bride:

Then after we went over to my sisters to get ready for a night out but I couldn’t go. I had the hoodies we ordered with me so since everyone was coming over, the girls threw it on and we took pictures. The hoodies say “LPT” in front and on the back has a heart with all our names.

After that I went home and the girls headed out to celebrate! It was an good start to an awesome week!

♡ PaNhia


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