[ ♡ ] Lions & Tigers & Bears – Oh My!

Last week I had an opportunity to do something I’ve never done before—go to the circus! My friend choua had extra tickets so she invited us to go with her!

Here we are outside the stadium like excited children!

It was funny walking in because there were tons of kids and adults with kids. It left us thinking we should’ve brought a few kids with us so it woudnt seem so funny for a bunch of adults to be attending the circus. That did not make me any less excited though. Here are some shots of the performances:

Lions and tigers!


Quick Change artists. I loved this one! Basically they just change really quickly into different outfits. At first I thought they were just peeling off layers but they did short dresses to long ones so it had something different. I vowed I would google it and figureit out and I still will!

After a few acts they had intermission where you can go down and take elephant rides and pony rides and buy balloons etc. We took a picture with some clowns.

After intermission was over we only stayed for a few more acts before leaving because one of the girls had to go and we wanted to beat the traffic. But before we left we bought an alien and got a baby alien free! Christi’s dream came true because she got to keep the baby alien lol!

After the circus we ended our night with some bubble tea and headed home. I will of course be going to the circus again whenever it comes back!

♡ PaNhia


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