[ ♡ ] Missing in Action, Party Pictures that is

Here are the shots from the last part of spring break, a little get together at my sisters! It was called a mingling social and we met a lot of new people.

First here’s my look of the day.

I did kind of a neutral smokey eye in browns and pink pink lips from MAC in pink nouveau. I also blew out my hair. I wore a white loose button down and a jean skirt from F21.

Now onto the party! I went over early to dye my hair because I bought this new hair dye that I saw in a magazine. It’s a foam hair dye from Nice’n Easy.

I got it in an ashy blonde color to make my hair brighter. From reviews, I heard this dye is supposed to be like Japanese bubble dyes and basically you just rub and apply foam to your entire head and its supposed to be easy for you to dye your own hair so I decided to try it. I’ve dyed my hair probably 5-6 times in the last 4 years but usually someone else (my sister) does it for me and so this was my first time doing a self dye. In terms of evenness, I sucked. Most of the color starts out about an inch away from my roots even though I distinctly remember rubbing it all over my roots. My biggest qualm with the product though is not that it didn’t work well, it was the extremely nasty smell of it. I swear to you, if you use this product, wear a face mask. I almost passed out twice from inhaling the smell. Keep the door wide open and give yourself air! I have used three other brands and no other brands’ smells have bothered me this much. In fact I can still smell it on my head now. It is akin to the smell of alcohol on you after a night of partying that won’t go away.

After blowing it out though, it wasn’t too bad because since my hair is dark, it didn’t pick up much color. So onto the party. Before people started trickling in, we decided to karaoke a bit and then people finally starting coming around 9-10. Here are some shots:

I had to leave early to go home but overall it was a successful mingling event! I met some new people and had lots of fun!

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Missing in Action, Party Pictures that is”

  1. Choua says:

    We should definitely hang out with Cindy! She showed me some awesome places in downtown Mpls!

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