[ ♡ ] An Old View on New Dating

Yesterday I went with my aunt to meet a client and then I was supposed to go to the gym but then we started talking in the car and it just never ended. And then she got hungry so we went to applebees and continued our chat but she it was a pretty interesting conversation.

My aunt is my dad’s younger sister and she’s still pretty young, probably early thirties and she always used to tell us that if we ever date anyone we have to show her first. She’s one of those people who likes to give advice, sometimes unsolicited. And we somehow started talking about who all the cousins were dating and then she gives me some of the funniest advice I’ve ever heard about modern dating.

She said, nowadays, guys are shy and you can’t wait for them to come up to you. And she said good guys are few and far in between so if you see one and find one, snatch him up and hold on tight! Lol, that was just the funniest thing I’ve ever heard her say!

On the other hand she also says that just because two people are dating doesn’t mean its final because they’re not married so if you like a guy who’s dating someone else, its perfectly fine to get to know him because if he likes you back (despite having a girlfriend) then the relationship was not solid to begin with lol! She’s basically advising me to take up homewrecking!

I kind of understand what she’s saying in a odd way because back in her days in the rural mountains of Thailand, guys courted tons of girls at a time. I think the concept of relationship and girlfriend/boyfriend wasn’t what it is today. You know, today, when people date, they’re basically exclusive until they break up even if its just for two weeks but back in her day, guys would just go to girls’ houses and their villages and court them until they found one they really liked and then they’d just marry her right away so. There was no real relationship. She’s trying to apply this to modern day dating but of course its not going to work. Girls will not allow guys to date multiple girls at a time and of course as a girl, you can’t try to get with another girl’s boyfriend. It will just start drama and make you the other woman. But she didn’t understand when I tried to explain this to her. It was just interesting to hear her take on things.

She told me to keep dating my boyfriend but to get to know other guys on the side lol! Every time I get with my aunt, I always get the funniest advice from her.

♡ PaNhia


2 Comments on “[ ♡ ] An Old View on New Dating”

  1. Choua says:

    Oh gosh! More guy stuff, what is with all the guy talks these days? Lol, I just got done bloggin about guy issues!

  2. ANNIE says:

    LOL my aunties always give me funny advice on relationship and courtship as well!

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