[ ♡ ] Style Icon – Movies 1: Yoon Seoul from Secret Garden

Lately I’ve been thinking of my style and what really defines how I dress so I’ve decided to start this series of style icons that I admire. First is Yoon Seoul from the Korean drama Secret Garden. Although her character started out as an antagonist, you couldn’t help but noticed how beautifully and impeccably she dressed.

Her character was the consummate rich girl that always got her way so of course she could afford only the best. Actually, if I had to show you my style and what I love, it’d be her wardrobe. I go through all sorts of style phases but in the end, I always come back to an elegant, feminine but trendy/edgy look like hers.

Credits: fashionableasians.blogspot.com
♡ PaNhia


4 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Style Icon – Movies 1: Yoon Seoul from Secret Garden”

  1. kashie19 says:

    I’ve heard an awful lot of buzz about this drama, never cared to look it up, but gotta agree with you, this little maiden dresses incredibly well. Points for the costume person. Though you won’t find those items in my wardrobe. You know I recently realize Janie T. has a very good fashion sense. I’ve started following her on twitter and I think she’s my fashion icon at the moment.

  2. Nhiapa says:

    Oh the drama was awesome, not much of a story line but great chemistry and romance! I love Janie’s style also, especially in her last lakorn with film. I thought she looked great.

  3. Kashie19 says:

    LoL I agree. I’m not a fan of Film, so I just skipped through the lakorn to look at her clothes. But I like Janie’s personal style…off-screen

  4. Rosie says:

    I agree! I even did a print screen of her brown dress that defined her curves!

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