[ ♡ ] On the Hunt – Spring Minty Goodness

I used to be a big bag collector but because of convenience reasons I’ve been carrying whatever bags have zips and a long shoulder strap. I’ve decided to renew my love for bags and start out by looking for a nice big spring bag.

I usually like big satchels with shoulder straps so that I can take them shopping, shove purchases in there and not worry about carrying tons of bags with me. I’ve been known to forget a few purchases before so to play it safe, I’ll opt for a bigger bag with more space.

Colorwise I’d love to get either a hot pink bag, orange/coral bag, green bag or a white bag. The white one would be most practical but I’m really hoping to find a green one! I’d love one like this Marc Jacobs bag:

I love the mint green color! I’m looking for a shape similar to this one, a very all around satchel bag with straps to hold and a long shoulder strap. I’d like the holding straps to be long enough to not look ridiculous if I wanted to carry it on my shoulder. These straps on this bag would probably only allow me to hold it in my hand & wrist and get a wrist bruise (I carry a lot of stuff.)

I’ll start my hunt soon!

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] On the Hunt – Spring Minty Goodness”

  1. ANNIE says:

    this color is so cute!
    and perfect for spring =D

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