[ ♡ ] Birthday at the Crab Shack!

I’ll be glossing over Friday’s activities because I don’t have all the pictures but we had an awesome party at my sister’s which I’ll be posting pictures for later. But Saturday was equally fun because we had a friend’s birthday dinner at a joe’s crab shack, a place I’ve never been to before!

Here’s my look of the day! I tried out the Faceshop orange lipstick and loved it! I went to the gym bright and early so I got ready at the gym.

Here’s a shot of birthday girl holding my gift, a caboodles makeup storage thing

There’s these huge buckets sitting in precut holes in the tables where you throw your trash. Its one of those messing eating establishments. I snapped a picture of the salt and pepper:

Cleveland ordered a cool drink where you tip a shark into the drink to pour blood in (ok, not real blood)

Here’s my meal. I didn’t want to get messy so I didn’t order seafood.

And here’s a post pic with flash

After dinner I picked up my sister and her dance crew and took them to kfc for a late night snack. I snapped this picture of the toilet because I learned something new!

I did not know there were directions to this kind of flushing lol. Now I know. Push the left for liquid waste and the right for solid waste, gross lol!

♡ PaNhia

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