[ ♡ ] Beastly Magazines

As mentioned earlier, I took my mom to go watch Beastly earlier this week. I usually keep my ticket stubs and throw them in a box but I decided to start taping stuff I do into my planner so I can keep my planners as a diary of sorts.

The movie wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen but there were some good points. During one point in the movie the main guy (beast) had the girl over as his houseguest and so while trying to win points with her, he built a beautiful green house made of windows on the rooftop which conviently for romance sake, has a door that goes down through her room so she can basically climb the stairs and end up right in the greenhouse. It was so beautiful! I also liked that he wrote her long letters by hand, it’s just so nice.

Of course there were more bads than goods. The actors were bad, especially Vanessa hudgens. She just smiled her closed smile the entire time. The movie dragged too much. A lot of it was unnecessary. And they made the witch role a little too literal and stereotypical.

I also bought some magazines that I just now got a chance to look through. I got an instyle and allure.

Doesn’t Victoria beckham look so much younger like this than her usual severe look?

And here’s an interesting piece of advertisement for maybellene fit.

if you life one up, you’ll see the corresponding concealer and powder.

Allure usually also has these little tip rip outs. Here are two that I like.


And I also just love this picture of ladies getting ready for a night out!

♡ PaNhia


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