[ ♡ ] Spring Break 2011 – Part 1 Founder’s Party, Girl’s Night & Korean BBQ

The great part about being done with college is that I get to enjoy Spring break without having to worry about cramming on homework at the end of the week before school starts again. Even though I no longer have a spring break a lot of my friends are still in school so when spring break rolls around, I’m just as excited as them!

Spring break week started last week with a bang, actually it started the Friday before the week even began. On Friday we donned pretty dresses and pretended to attend a highly acclaimed college in the city so that we can get into their annual founder’s party. It worked like a charm, no one even guessed we didn’t go to that school 🙂

Here’s my outfit. I didn’t know how fancy or informal their semiformal dress code was so I just pulled this out of my closet.

Here are some more shots!

The next day we decided to do a girl’s night out in uptown. We had dinner at this cool hip loungey restaurant. First, here’s my look of the day.

When I was getting ready I started out with a green smokey eye but later added some bronze to it.

Here’s us at the restaurant in our little orange ambiance booth!

It was still early so we did a little shopping.

The girls continued on their adventures while I left to go home to take care of some stuff.

On Sunday we continued our fun streak with a late night Korean bbq hangout at my sisters. We had lots of yummy food on our griddle including bulgogi, kimchi, seaweed with rice and eggs and kimchi fried!

After pigging out (we ate a lot between the four of us,) we had a jamming session. We started working on our Awesome Ninjas band again. Since we last rehearsed I’ve given up my dreams of playing the recorder (due to not being able to find one and not looking very hard) I have now decided to play the triangle. Choua and Xti are on guitar while I play triangle and work on vocals. We recorded several sad attempts and took awesome photos of xti trying to teach me how to play a guitar.

^this was the only way I could get my fingers to work correctly. And below is Xti, the pro.

And just in case you don’t believe in the validity of this band, check out our music sheets 🙂

We took a little rest but went right back to eating on Tuesday when we went to a friends for hot pot day! It was yummy! She had mushrooms, cabbage, lettuce, pork, beef, ramen, vermicelli noodles, and eggs!

And that, folks, is the spring break 2011 part 1! Part 2 coming up.

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Spring Break 2011 – Part 1 Founder’s Party, Girl’s Night & Korean BBQ”

  1. sua yang says:

    FUN! i love korean food!

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