[ ♡ ] 6 Tubes & 2 shots

Since I’ve been in college I haven’t had a regular check up and physical. I would just go in for colds and allergies. And then when I graduated I got kicked off my dad’s insurance and that’s when I started really worrying about my health and trying to take care of myself. It was just my luck that these past few months I’ve been at my sickest. I was sick for most of November, December and the first half of January so as soon as I got my health insurance back, I went to the doctor and to a checkup. I also told them to check my charts to see if there’s any labs or shots I need since I’ve been neglecting my regular check ups for so long. Turns out I needed tons of labs done and two shots, one of which is a series of shots that I have to complete every two months for the next 6 months.

The blood drawing was fine, I barely felt it. The shots though, were a different story. I am usually pretty partial to minor pain like shots so I wasn’t worried but my first shot had my physically shifting in my seat, omg it was so painful! The second shot was fine but that first shot, wow it hurt. Thus, I walked around with two purple kiddy bandages on my arms for a day:

Here’s a closer shot. Its some sort of animal riding on a skateboard lol

♡ PaNhia


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