[ ♡ ] Spring look – orange & Cat eyes

I came across this picture on a blog called Noona Blog. I had to save it because I just loved the entire look. It reminds me of Etudes new Miss Tangerine collection.

I will definitely be trying this look. She looks so laid back and cute. I love the orange lipstick and winged cat eyes. I also imagine that outfit to be very chic and easy to wear. I don’t have a lipstick quite that orange but I’m on the hunt!

Speaking of orange lipstick, Etudes new collection Miss Tangerine features just that, orange. Here is a cf featuring Dara of 2ne1.

photo credit: noonablog.com

♡ PaNhia


3 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Spring look – orange & Cat eyes”

  1. huajaikaungtur says:

    That look is so pretty 🙂
    I don’t think it would match me but I would totally want to see you with the look ^^

  2. Paula says:

    thank you for the link ^^
    your blog is really pretty!! ❤

  3. xti says:

    i’ve seen that cf and think it’s super cute on dara but im afraid to try it because of the skin color difference but im pretty pale myself too so who knows! lol

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